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Pitchwafuzz first started existing in 2008. The music was... kind of indescribable and we don’t know what exactly happened there. Our first album was finished right at the beginning of 2009 and distributed in very very low quantities alongside an EP of remixes of the “hit” (???) song Nation Of Whiners. Then we made the album No Mobilin over the course of the rest of the year and that was finished in the fall. This one had some interesting bits.


Not much was actually released in 2010 but a lot of stuff was made... The only actual release was the Timing My head Explosion EP, on which can be found our only cover (OK Go’s Skyscrapers) and a music video (Timing My Head Explosion). This EP also featured all that existed of what was supposed to be a half-hour song, “Halloween On Jupiter”. This was, like the previous releases, only distributed in very very low quantities. In 2010 we also began work on the abandoned album Dr. Orchestra In 3-D before, uh, abandoning it. The rest of the year was spent making Freddy (everything on Freddy was actually recorded in 2010).


We didn’t really do anything in 2011 until the spring, when we finally released the physical copy of Freddy. We also began work on Epic Volcanoes, at which point we reached the esteemed level of “actual music”. In the summer we made a collection of our favorite tracks to distribute while Epic Volcanoes remained unfinished which was called the Sampler and mainly served to prove to people that we could make real music. We only ended up giving out like... two of those though. At the end of the summer we began work on our next album, You’re Modern Art, which was going to feature a song that was a half-hour long (previously attempted in 2010). We released Freddy on BandCamp in the fall and then released Epic Volcanoes. The first 10 minutes of the aforementioned half-hour song ended up on The Flaming Lips’ song 7 Skies H3 as an interlude, and that was released shortly after Epic Volcanoes. Finally, we released a Christmas song, Scary Demon Pyrotechnic Christmas Nightmare on Christmas Eve. Also: 2011 is the year that Karrot Kake was formed, which includes Jon as the drummer and Mike as “producer”.


In 2012 we continued work on You’re Modern Art and also released a 3-way collaborative EP with our friends @nY (ega) <rap (a harsh noise guy) and Monocle (a sound collage/ chiptune guy), which was called Power Plant In The Middle Of A Desert. Our astounding fifth album,You’re Modern Art, was released in the spring, followed about a month later by our Earth Day 2012 single, which included a new song and a song from Dr. Orchestra In 3-D. On Christmas Eve we released our extended version of Feliz Navidad and on New Year’s Eve we released a weird collab album with Sean Lennon.

Meat Pitchwafuzz (first album)

Nation Of Whiners (First EP)

No Mobilin (second album)

Timing My Head Explosion (second EP)

Dr. Orchestra In 3-D (unfinished album)

Freddy (third album)

Sampler (collection of our favorite songs)

Epic Volcanoes (fourth album)

7 Skies H3 (guest appearance-from 4:34 to 4:44 Oklahoma time)

Scary Demon Pyrotechnic Christmas Nightmare (Christmas song)

Power Plant In The Middle Of A Desert (collaborative EP)

You’re Modern Art (fifth album)

Earth Day 2012 (holiday single)

If the live stream is too inconvenient, you can also try here!

The Fallout Shelter Sessions (!!!)

Feliz Navidad

(Christmas song)

Alien Demon

(collaborative album)


Two days before our sixth album was released it was leaked by unscrupulous music reviewers. No one noticed, however, and the album was obviously released to mountains of praise. On Record Store Day we released a downloadable cover of a track from The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka. In August we recorded another album, Midnight Crisis, with Sean and his GOASTT bandmate Charlotte as “The Alien Demon”.

Pitchwafuzz 7 (6th album)

Riding To Work In The Year 2025 (Flaming Lips Cover)

Midnight Crisis (Side project/collab thing)


Progress slowed in 2014 due to a newfound appreciation for putting effort into things. We made some music that plays in the background of KinderChat’s website that you can listen to on loop while you wait for the next record. We also worked on Karrot Kake’s Things Are Strange throughout the first half of the year. In early October we put out a single and remix, My Favorite Song, to preview our 7th (and best) album, Threads, which was released in mid-October. At the end of October With A Little Help From My Fwends, a Flaming Lips-produced for-charity remake of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was released featuring us alongside the Flaming Lips and Def Rain performing “When I’m Sixty-Four”.

My Favorite Song (Single)

Threads (7th Album)

With A Little Help From My Fwends (Collaborative Album Remake)