Proving Empirically How Cool We Are


Someone wrote a thing about us this one time-

Praise for Pitchwafuzz 7-

“Restrained yet classic Pitchwafuzz sounds with a touch of classy brass” -Ann

“Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Sean Curley

“You have exceeded your best once again” -Liam

Praise for the hit single Benjamin Franklin Electro Dancehall-

“This sounds like a cop show theme on fire, underwater” -Norm Wilson of The Wallmen

“You gotta give me the pro-tools file of this” -Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips

Praise for You’re Modern Art-

"The apple don't fall far from the Wallmen tree. These young men own it, my go-to spring release." -Sean Curley of The Wallmen

“Enjoyable morning with this=funny samples=sounds twisting=smooth rockin beats=it's got it all=parteee is here=” -Greg Greg Infinity

“If you're looking for some sweet jams to get you through your day, they come no sweeter than this.” -Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips

“g0000000000000d” -Liam

Praise for Epic Volcanoes-

“I love Epic Volcanoes!! I played it for grandma yesterday while we were driving around and she thought it was very beautiful too!” -Ann

Praise for Power Plant In The Middle Of A Desert-

“I started to listen, but I began to develop a migraine within the first 30 seconds so I had to stop.” -Savvy

Praise for Scary Demon Pyrotechnic Christmas Nightmare-

“Lotsa great parts that caught my ear=nice and psychedelic=gotta play this at Xmas time=all year round=” -Greg Greg Infinity

In general-

“The future of music!”

-Sean Curley